Catharine Bramkamp

The position of marketing manager has evolved, by necessity to positions like Social Strategist or Chief Storyteller Officer. In a social and increasingly transparent world, the best way for a company to deliver their message and their offerings out is to be as authentic as possible. The best way to demonstrate authenticity is through story and social exchange. Social Media is about telling the story.

Thank you to Ty Brown who interviewed me on the idea of CSO – Chief Storytelling Officer.

“Chief Storytelling Officer”: The Weird New Executive Position That’s Revolutionizing Marketing

The most savvy marketers tend to be ahead of trends.

As technology and society evolve with new devices and new platforms for communication you’ll often find marketers on the cutting edge, understanding that they must master these novelties to differentiate themselves.

The past few years have seen an old school approach built on top of new platforms that is finding new efficiencies and innovative ways to get marketing messages in front of consumers. The result is an entirely new C-Suite position. Joining the CEO, COO, CMO, and CIO is a brand new spot; give a warm welcome to the CSO, Chief Storytelling Officer.

Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

“It’s all about what kind of connection you’re making with your audience. Stories are how humans process information best and it’s what we react to and what we respond to,”

— Catharine Bramkamp (me)

  • Professional social media certificate – SSU
  • Web developer certificate – SSU
  • College professor teaching critical thinking, social media and business
  • Lecturer on writing and social media
  • Published author
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster – Newbie Writers Podcast
  • MA in Creative writing

I’m excited to be part of Nevada County!  I’m working with various clients in Nevada County and beyond, as well  as volunteering for the GVNC Cultural Arts District/ NC Arts Council.