Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural DistrictAs part of our outreach for #GVNC Cultural District, I am presenting a series of Social Media Workshops, supported by the GV Merchants Association –

The three classes are posted here:

the first class was all about Facebook, which is a moving target, but with 2.3 billion users, it’s still one of the better places for business ads and awareness campaigns.  Check out the class presentation:

Social Media Cultural District Class 1

The Second class focused on Pinterest and Instagram, both platforms focusing on images over words.  What kind of images can you use to identify and promote your business?  What kind of artist would you like to partner with?

Social Media Cultural District Class 2

And the final class – Social Media Cultural District Class 3

We will offer this series of classes in the late Fall.  If you have questions about the material, or would just like an hour of my time to fix something, create something or troubleshoot.  Contact me, I can help you one hour at a time!


To get an idea of what is possible, here are a few profiles of companies with whom I’ve worked.

Nevada County Economic Resource Council
My position as the Marketing and Communications Consultant developed communication strategies and materials that supported ERC’s internal and external communication, social media activities, monthly news,  web site content.  We are also producing a  video focused on bringing in small businesses in Nevada County.  Our goal is to attract businesses that will provide well-paying jobs in the county.

Wine Filtration Company
Replaced the salespeople with social media campaigns.
Set up social media accounts including Facebook pages, Linked In and Twitter
Create and manage the Facebook Ads
Managed all social accounts
Managed the Linked In accounts for the company as well as individuals
Organized the trade shows
Created articles for the web site blog
Created articles for the monthly newsletter
Managed the web site.
Created technical posters for UC Davis to illustrate a working rain water capture system
PR to appropriate outlets
Analysis and report on the results of all Social Efforts
Analysis and report on web site traffic using Google Analytics

Pharmaceutical Assay Laboratory
Increased the contacts and participation for Linked In for C-Suite level.
Competitive analysis report
Articles to post as blogs
Created editorial schedule for the blogs and newsletters
List the blog and its subject on Reddit to drive readers to the web site
Created the newsletter by Re-purposing the blog article for a newsletter sent directly to existing mailing list to maintain customer engagement and attract interested, future customers
Interview the staff and consultants for the blog stories
Work with the company to determine their story.

Art Promotion Company
Worked with the founder on her stories highlighting the artists she is promoting
Worked on the blog.
Created a lively FaceBook page
Taught the client to work wth Instagram and post while she was traveling in the Caribbean.
Coached on the best use of her time for her clients
Analysis and report on the results of her organic reach with Facebook and Instagram

Nonprofit Consulting Company
Work on their image and story
Create their blog articles and post on the web site as well as the newsletter

Book Series Promotion
Take over the Pinterest Boards for a book series
Create and manage Pinterest ads
Follow and report on the ad reach, effectiveness and results